Directed by Marios P. Papageorgiou

shadow of the world poster.jpg

Climate change has finally led to the complete natural destruction of the planet. Four strangers, who share only their need for survival, find refuge underground. They appear to be the only survivors. Their yearning for salvation will test their conscience. In the heart of darkness conflict seems inescapable. This is "Shadows of the World", a wonderful opera by Marios P. Papageorgiou. A really perfect short in every single thing, from the direction to the cinematography. "Shadows of the World" is that kind of indie movies that raise the bar of Film Festivals thanks to a meticulous work by each member of the crew. Marios is able to show us a not obvious Sci-Fi story about climate change with a great pacing and good perfomances. Is not easy to create something of really original about this theme, Marios does this.